What do you get when you add perfectionist, eldest child (actually, twin, but 30 seconds still counts for something), total bookworm, creativity and just a bit (a medium to large bit) of stubbornness? A business owner!

Victoria Walker Social Media was launched a couple of years ago by Victoria Walker. Surprising, we know. After a Commerce degree and a handful of marketing internships, Victoria knew the 9-5 thing wasn’t for her. Classic Gen Y, entitled and unrealistic, right? ;) Fast-forward past some incredibly hard work and a lot of lessons learnt, VWSM has grown from a single lady operation into a small team of other inspired and determined legends.

Social media is our forte however as we’ve grown, so have our services. The digital marketing sphere continues to expand, and we’re keeping up with it. Have a look over here to read about what we do. Otherwise, shoot Victoria an email here for more information, or just to ask for some pictures of her German Shepherd, Czar.